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Kevin's sister moves in with Kevin and Jackie this week, as Tunie is coming off a break up and needs a place to crash. She seems to be a free spirit and tells Jackie she thought the intervention against her was just "rude."

The episode ends with Kevin - who thanks Jackie for getting Eddie a job, but seems suspicious - also suggesting to Tunie that she date Eddie. Will be interesting to see how Jackie responds if this does go down.

In the half hour's other major development, the man who knows Jackie stole those drugs last season returned. But he wasn't mad. He wanted to help, in a strange way: his job is to actually provide users with drugs, watch them hit rock bottom and THEN intervene. For now, Jackie turns down his offer to do so with her.


- Akalitus must deal with the fact that a priest wants to take away statues from the hospital's church because he says they don't belong to the hospital any longer.

- Zoey deals with her changing feelings for Lenny. Does she want to move in with him or strangle him?

- Coop bonds with Thor over the former helping the latter with fantasy football.

Nurse Jackie
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