Dr. Hamilton Makes Grace Uncomfortable. - Nurses
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Wolf finds Tenzin standing on a roofing, seemingly ready to jump. Tenzin has an inoperable tumor on his heart and has been transfered to palliative care. He belongs to a monastery. His brothers bringing ritual tea including an illegal substance for his final death journey. He wants Wolf to make sure he isn't interrupted during the ritual. Wolf takes the tea with him, because his guide can't.

Ashley is assigned ER. Caro brings her a girl who got alcohol poisoning at a party. The girl is Sinead's daughter and doesn't want her mom to know she's there. Naz and Keon are support nurses. They try to help Ashley keep Sinead's daughter away from her, but Naz spills the beans. Sinead fires Ashley. Caro gets Ashley to fight for her job. Sinead admits she almost lost custody once.

Grace is assigned Neuro. She has a early parkinson's patient who has trouble remembering her son, and the son and her partner disagree about treatment. Mrs. Gelson's partner Jerry wants natural non-medicinal treatment. Her son wants western medicine. Her memory loss was caused by a stroke. Grace tries to convince her to accept treatment. She does agree, but she before Grace can administer the dose, she suffers a massive hemorrhagic stroke. She goes into a coma and displays almost no brain function. Jerry wants to let her go, Michael wants to keep her on life support. They have joint power of attorney and can't agree, so Grace has to call in a consent capacity board to decide. The board to decides to leave her on life support, but then Jerry and Michael agree to take her off.

Grace sees Dr. Hamilton and reacts. She considers coming forward.

Grace hooks up with Kabir and they talk about their affair.


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Nurses Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Tenzin: Can you do me an immense favor?
Wolf: Anything. I'm here for you all day.
Tenzin: I worked in palliative care for many years with my brothers at the monastery. We used ritual to travel consciously to death. I hoped to return home to die, but time is not on my side. I will die today.
Wolf: Hey, you can't, you can't know that for sure.
Tenzin: I have seen it enough to know. The aura of death is upon me. My brothers will bring the ritual tea and I will go on a trip.
Wolf: A trip?
Tenzin: Inward. Psilocybin is the main ingredient.
Wolf: Shrooms?
Tenzin: We've used it for centuries, but it's misunderstood here.
Wolf: Also, you know, it's not legal.
Tenzin: Will you protect me from interference so that I may have a good death?

Grace: There are times in life where we have to choose to act, or not. The higher the stakes, the harder the choice.
Wolf: No! No!
Grace: Nurses face that every day.
Wolf: No! No! Please don't do it, sir! Let's talk a bit. My name's Wolf. What's your name?
Tenzin: Tenzin. I came here for a final breath of fresh air.
Wolf: Right, Tenzin. Please step off, okay? Come on.
Tenzin: My goodness, what is that? (Laughs) How wonderful to get such an omen. What a beautiful day to die.