Grace and Noelle - Nurses
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Grace is chosen for a peer review.

Grace's patient, Quinn, must ingest radiation pills for her cancer and then be quarantined for three days so the radiation won't spread. She was doing well at the beginning of her career as a journalist, but then she got cancer and her boss exiled her to obituaries. Quinn collapses and Grace breaks quarantine to treat her. Sinead yells at her and informs her that her peer review is going badly and there is going to be an investigation.

Kabir comes in with a panic attack. He apologizes to Grace about her treatment at the general and sneaks her a name of a nurse who Hamilton assaulted; Noelle. Grace and Noelle team up and go to Quinn with their story.

Wolf is given a hypochondriac frequent flier who claims she can't hear. Her chart says she lost her emergency contact, Charlie, three years ago. Wolf has lunch with her outdoors and invites her back tomorrow. Her hearing returns.

Naz treats Kelly, a former tennis player on track for the Olympics until she lost her hand. She struggles with phantom pain. Naz uses a mirror box to treat her.

Keon treats a coma patient, Justin, doted on by his fiancee, Maddy. When he wakes up, Justin doesn't remember Maddy, and Keon must comfort her.

Dr. Banks brings her daughter, Cece, to work. Keon bonds with her about sports. He offers to help Vanessa out, but they realize they want different things from their relationship.

Grace asks Evan out in front of Kabir.

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Nurses Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Grace: Do you think that we can get it back? The people that we used to be?
Quinn: Yeah. But you gotta push out all the poison that changed you first. And it ain't easy. Takes a lot of guts.

Have you ever caught a glimpse of your own reflection when you weren't expecting it, and thought, who is that person, and how does she look so put together? When what you're actually feeling is that your hair is on fire?