The Gang Goes To Work - Nurses
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Damien assigns Wolf to pediatrics, Ashley and Grace to the St. Mary's fundraiser, Keon to OB-GYN, and Nazneen to work as Sinead O'Rourke's assistant. 

Maki Yamato's husband's painting raised $300,000 for St. Mary's. The Yamatos match the donation. Maki collapses.

 Maki has a lump and needs surgery. Grace reassures Maki, and Maki asks that Grace come into the OR. Grace doesn't want to, but Sinead says she has to because they are big donors.

Grace talks a panicked resident through the surgery, when she is unexpectedly called upon to preform it.

They remove the mass, but find stage four cancer in the liver. Maki's father had lung cancer. She doesn't want treatment, and she doesn't want her husband to know.

Ashley and Grace fight over the secret. Ashley accuses Grace of nearly getting someone killed in her last OR job. Grace tells Ashley she screwed up because Dr. Hamilton was sexually assualting her.

Grace convinces Maki to tell her huaband

Wolf's patient, Gabby, is a high school student with cystic fibrosis. She's on the list for new lungs, but she doesn't believe she's going to get them, so she takes selfish risks. Wolf tells her he had leukemia as a child, and that he still has to take expensive pills to prevent it from coming back.

Keon's patient, Becky Green, is married to Trent, his old football buddy. Trent pries into why Keon quit football. Keon tells him that he quit because he paralyzed another player during a game, and decided he wanted to help people instead of hurting them. Becky's surgery has complications, and now she can't have kids.

Nazneen's avoids cleaning up vomit or code browns, or making bed. She admits to Sinead that she doesn't know how, because she grew up privledged. Sinead teaches her.

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Nurses Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

For the last time, I'm not sick, I am just dying. And I can walk. My lungs are toast, not my legs.


People say you're only sick as your secrets. And hospitals are full of secrets. Some are harmless, but others, whispered in the wrong ear. Well, they can be fatal.