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The medivac chopper crashes in the jungle.

Ryan finds the girl thrown from the crash and brings her back to the clinic. Ryan has serious signs of heart failure after her trek through the jungle. She tells Keaton about her condition.

Lynn loses feeling in her legs after the crash due to a spinal cord injury. Mina operates but Lynn suffers a blood clot and dies. Mina blames herself for missing the signs of Lynn’s original injury. Otis assures her Lynn’s death is not her fault.

Otis holds onto the heroin he got from his dealer but he doesn’t use it. He eventually gives it to Keaton.

Tommy fears for Charlie’s safety and sends him home. Keaton tells him that Charlie is an orphan and lives in a hostel.  

When no one else is available, Tommy has Charlie assist with a surgery. Charlie shows Tommy where he lives. It’s actually an upscale timeshare he’s housesitting for tourists.

Lily decides to have a second date with Mateo. She surprises him at his home with a picnic and finds out that he farms the cocoa plant to be turned into cocaine.

Off the Map
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Off the Map Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

I'm glad you didn't blow up.


Yeah, he's smooth, he's hot. He's also a wanted criminal. It makes something as simple as organizing a second date so complicated.