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-Jonas Simpson, cofounder of the clinic returns to reconnect with Ben and ask for a favor. He needs to do an kidney transplant at the clinic. Ben and Lily perform the surgery only to find out that it isn't legal. The donor was paid to donate her kidney. Jonas never completed all of the prescreening tests and was paid ten grand to set up the surgery. The recipient rejects the transplant and dies.

-Ben doesn't turn Jonas in because the clinic could be closed down. Jonas accuses Ben of keeping Abby on life support in order to drain her trust fund to finance the clinic. The two fight and Jonas leaves. Later Ben admits to Ryan that what he is doing with her and Abby isn't right but he can't let Abby go.

-Mateo's mother fakes illness to get Lily to come to dinner. Lily decides to take a second chance on Mateo.

-Zee encourages the daughter of an elderly patient to take the jump and live her own life. Zee takes her own advice and jumps back into her relationship with Otis.

-Tommy and Mina treat a missionary who is injured when the school he's building collapses. Tommy is jealous of his interest in Mina. Before Tommy can tell Mina how he feels, he finds Mina and her new beau sharing a shower.

Off the Map
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Off the Map Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

You can't buy bagels in the jungle!


I'm afraid those toes have seen the last of their outdoor music festivals.