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-A couple is involved in a paragliding accident. Charlene's hand is imbedded in Fran's stomach due to the crash and she must keep it there despite a broken wrist or Fran will bleed out. Both women are transported back to the clinic for surgery.

-Ben performs the surgery and manages to save both women.

-Charlie's mother returns and Tommy diagnoses her with schizophrenia.

-Charlie wants to take care of his mother but she hits him when he tries to control her. She leaves and refuses to go to the psychiatric hospital. Tommy crashes at Charlie's place to make sure he is OK.

-Tommy realizes that Mina's relationship with Pher may be more than a fling.

-Ryan contracts an infection from paper cuts and it damages her heart. She nearly dies on the table but Mina and Zee bring her back. 

-Ryan gives Mina power of attorney over her medical care. She tells Ben that she doesn't want to end up like his wife if something goes wrong and she doesn't think he can handle making that call.

-Ben is furious and fires Mina. In a moment of rage he tells her that no one else will hire her since she was responsible for the death of a child back in the States.

Off the Map
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Off the Map Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Wow. Look at you. The poultry whisperer.


Never mind the heart condition it's this desk job that's killing me.