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Ben takes Lily on a snake bite call that isn’t a bite at all. It’s actually an anaconda wrapped around Brad, a wildlife photographer who was trying to take its picture.

Ben, Zee, and Lily are about to sedate the snake and try to pull it off of Brad when they realize his pelvis is broken.  The pressure from the snake is stopping him from bleeding to death.  They have to get him and the snake back to the clinic.

As they try to carry the injured man and snake on a stretcher the snake is startled by a fall into the water.  It swims away leaving Brad to bleed out.  Ben uses cloth from the stretcher to make a tourniquet and they get Brad into surgery.  Before he is sedated, Brad proposes to his girlfriend. 

Brad almost dies but Mina manages to insert a needle into his heart and saves him.

Otis sends Tommy to a local village to help build a latrine.  Fifty percent of the illnesses they see at the clinic are due to contaminated drinking water.  While at the village, Tommy saves a girl named Sofia who is having a seizure and brings her back to the clinic.

Tommy insults Papa, the local medicine man who is treating Sofia.  Otis explains to Tommy that he has to respect the local customs if he is going to make a difference here.  Otis works with Papa to get Sofia on medicine to control her seizures.

Tommy realizes the locals are scared of Sofia.  They think demons have entered through a scar on her face and have been causing her seizures.  He speaks with Papa and is allowed to repair her scar.  Even Otis compliments his work.

Mina and Ryan accompany a local man named Bruno on a remote housecall.  Bruno says his sister is very ill.  Mina diagnoses that she has pnemonia and is able to treat the woman but then Bruno collapses.  He was actually far more ill than his sister and the antibiotics do not work.  Bruno dies.

Ryan lashes out at Mina when she refuses to stay and comfort the sister.  She says she is a good doctor but a lousy physician.  A doctor treats where a physician heals.

Lily tells Ben that the text she has saved on her phone “Smile. Don’t kill anyone” was sent to her by her fiancé just before he died.  Ben convinces her that the text is a crutch that she no longer needs and she throws the phone away.

Ryan tells Ben she may be back at the clinic but that doesn’t mean she is back with him.  She also points out that the way Ben looks at Lily is the way he used to look at her.

Zee and Otis begin a romantic relationship.

Off the Map
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Off the Map Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

I find it the height of irony that he's the one acting like a whore and we're the ones bathing like hookers.


Lily: I could never get naked in public like that, all Jane of the Jungle.
Mina: Please, stay your control freak self. I can't handle more naked people.