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Wick wakes up in a cold sweat after having a nightmare. Jules wants him to tell her about his nightmares. He instead takes her mind off of it by initiating sex.

Hap tells Carla that he wants to bring Wick back into the fold, and remind him what it means to be his son. He also wants to bring Lacey into the business. The more Briggs, the better.

The next morning, Jules serves Tip breakfast. Sheriff Tip assures her that he is going to find the murderer. Wick listens from behind, nervously.

While Cody is searching for cornflakes, Billy is concerned that they didn't make the right decision by not signing the environmental deal with Hap. He wants to be able to give his wife everything. 

Wick visits Gary, angry that the oil from the heist is not yet sold, and paranoid that they are looking for them. 

Billy learns that Hap has already sold the land that he almost went in on with him the week prior. Hap makes deal quickly.

Jules drives Wick to meet Hap. Jules is reluctant to kiss Wick in front of Hap. Wick shares with Hap that he thought Jules was going to be a booty call, but three months in, it changed. She really gets him.

Sheriff Tip sits at a speed trap waiting for a truck of oil to go by. Gary speeds past, and Tip quickly gets on his tail. Gary loses Tip after a fast chase, and runs him off the road. 

Hap reminisces with Wick about his childhood. When Wick was a baby, he was born premature. On his birthday, Hap bought a piece of land for Wick, and called it Koala One. He always dreamed that one day, he'd share it with Wick. Wick is visibly touched. Hap is pleased that he can finally share the business with his son.

During a celebration party, Hap, Carla, Wick, and Lacey share drinks. Carla suggests that Lacey forego Hap's business meeting in favor of spending time with friends while she is in town. Lacey sharply reminds Carla that Hap is grooming his kids to take over the company. Carla smiles reluctantly at Lacey, knowing that she cannot argue with her, at least not in front of Hap.

Wick gets a call from Gary during the celebration and steps away. Gary tells him that he has finally sold the oil. As Wick is getting details, Hap comes in, and asks Wick to return to the party. But Hap is suspicious.

Cody goes to the bar to meet Jules. She meets a man, Finn Wylar, who wants Jules to hire him as a chef. She's already told him a number of times that she's not hiring. He flirts with Cody, and asks her to put in a good word for him. He's got experience. He ran a food truck in Chicago.

Cody has come to Jules looking for a miracle. She needs restaurant space for the restaurant that she and Billy invested $50K in. Jules brings her upstairs to have a look at property.

Billy and Hap are talking. Hap wants to know about Billy's education. Billy wants to talk about land deals that he can make with Hap. He wants to invest in Koala One. Hap wants Wick to bring Billy down to the site. Wick makes it clear to Billy that Koala One is a father and son project, and that Billy's presence is not wanted. Billy tries to talk to Wick, but Wick's animosity gets the better of him, and the two end up fighting. Billy knocks Wick out, and he kicks him off the site. 

When Wick returns without Billy, Hap is angry. He tells Wick that he's proven nothing to him, and he wants him to stay out of the deal .Wick is hurt. This was supposed to be his birthright, his deal with his dad.

Hap goes to see Jules. He apologizes for the way he treated Jules. Six years prior they started seeing each other, and continued for two years. He went on a business trip to New York, and returned with Carla, suddenly married. He says that losing her is his one regret. He's a patient man, and he'll wait for her. She asks him to leave. 

AJ is off to run errands for Hap. Lacey wants to come, but he tells her that he doesn't have time for distractions, not even her. 

AJ meets a woman at a diner. She is upset that he hasn't found what they need yet. She needs soil samples. He is letting a lot of people down. She leaves. 

Cody and Jules are looking at restaurant properties. Jules listens as Cody leaves a message for Billy to tell him she loves him. Jules thinks their love is nauseating. Cody laughs. Jules has been in love with a man like that once. She's talking about Hap, of course, but Cody is unaware. She's sorry that Jules had her heart broken. Kess and Ada  are not pleased with the conditions of the restaurant, but they are out of choices. Cody has an idea. They've been approaching this all wrong. 

While Hap is in a business meeting with Lacey and Carla to go over McCutching Ranch numbers, Jules calls. She wants to know if he meant what he said. He did. He pretends that she is a foreman on the Ranch site, and that he needs to head there immediately. He tells Carla not to wait up. He arrives to see Jules, and they have a steamy reunion. 

Hap and Jules reminisce post-coital. Carla was a banker and a model, which was what attracted Hap to her. Jules wonders why he's there with her, when he has a perfect wife at home. He admits that he knows what he has is perfect, but he'd still rather be with her. 

Billy still wants to invest in Koala. He talks it over with Cody, and she agrees that the deal is too good to pass up.

Carla asks Lacey if she wants to go to New York with her and Hap to see a show. Lacey blows her off. Carla is trying. Lacey doesn't want to hear it. She promises Carla that she wants no part of working for Briggs oil, and that Carla can rest easy.

Lacey goes off to find AJ, who is collecting soil from the tires of Hap's truck. He throws her off by kissing her.

Cody and Jules bring Kess and Ada to a food truck. While it's not what they had in mind, they can still make it work in the untapped market if they can afford it. Sadly, they can only afford half. Jules brings in Finn, who is ready with the other half of the money, and ready and willing to go into business with them. They agree, and a partnerships is formed. 

Billy goes to see Hap. He gives him a check for $250K for Koala One. The minimum buy in s $500K. Billy offers a trade. He'll give him the $250, and the 5% stake he has in McCutching. He knows that Koala is worth ten times that. Hap agrees. When Billy questions what Wick will think of the deal, Hap says not to worry about Wick. It's just business. 

Wick excitedly announces to Lacey that Koala is going to hit today. He races to Hap's office. Hap is talking with Tip. Whoever stole Hap's tanker is the killer. Hap says its a win win when Tip gets the guy. 

A crowd has gathered at Koala for the big oil strike. Cody is excited. Jules is there to support her man. Wick apologizes to Billy for the fight. Cody wants to take Billy to see the food truck. Carla tells Hap that the LeFevers probably think they've got a golden touch. 

At the foodtruck, Finn flirts with Ada. Cody pulls him aside, and tells him that he needs to keep it professional.

Tip catches up to Gary in a bar. He shows him the photos of himself stealing the oil rig. 

The oil strike happens, and oil rains down...for about thirty seconds, and stops. Billy wants to know what's up. He realizes that Hap set him up. 

Hap reminds him that when they met he told him that he wanted to learn the oil business. He just taught him a lesson.

Wick is angry. Hap used him. Hap shares with him that there is over $300 trillion dollars on McCutching and Billy had no business being a part of that. McCutching is for Hap to share with Wick. He was proud of him today for being the bigger man. Hap warns Wick that in order to move forward with him in the oil business he needs to be focused. He asks Wick to end things with Jules. 

Gary calls Wick. He's been arrested and if Wick doesn't get him out, he will flip.

Billy feels defeated, but he's not giving up. He's going to get his revenge on Hap Briggs. 

Blood and Oil
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Blood and Oil Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Billy: Maybe your problem isn't with me. It's with your dad.
Wick: What is this, a little frontier therapy?

Well, this is it. Day one of the Wick Briggs redemption tour. Wish me luck!