Suspicions Run Wild - Blood and Oil
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Flames erupt from the oil spill. Both Wick and Billy catch on fire. Wick gets away, still with his disguise intact, while Hap, Carla and Cody get Billy to safety and put the fire out.

Wick's accomplice, Gary, isn't happy with what happened. As they drive away from the accident site, a giant explodes. Wick has no idea is anyone has made it out alive.

In order to avoid suspicion, Wick tells Gary that they need to get their stories straight. 

Hap has second degree burns, and refuses to be seen by a doctor. Billy is also burned. Hap respects that Billy to save him.Carla asks if he got a good look at the gunman. He didn't.

Wick's burns are bad, but he hides them from Jules, and gives her  his cover story. 

Back at home, in a tub, Billy promises Cody that they are going to be okay...all three of them. 

The sheriff arrives at the crime seen to talk to Hap. It appears that the job was an inside job. Hap tells the sheriff that the gunman's shoulder was burned badly. They find a bullet on the ground. The sheriff better find the thief before Hap does, because Hap will kill him.

Jules alerts Wick of the siphening at Briggs oil, and tells him that Hap was hurt. Wick pretends that he knows nothing. Jules doesn't seem to believe him.

Billy arrives back at home and Cody is angry that a group of drunk men are sitting in their parking lot tailgating. Cody insists that she wants to move, and get a bigger home. Hap calls, and asks Billy to meet him for lunch. House hunting will have to take a raincheck.

Hap and Carla sit outside, and Hap's daughter, Lacey, arrives from California. Hap is happy to see her, though Carla is not. Wick arrives home to see Hap as well, and hugs Lacey although it hurts his shoulder. Wick fakes concern for Hap, apologizing for all of the stuff that happened between them. Hap decides that they will have a big family dinner to celebrate.

While going through the list of employees who could have been behind the siphening, Hap crosses Wick off. Carla doesn't want to count him out yet. Hap insists that no son of his would have pointed a gun at him. He reminds her that Wick told him he loved him. Hap can't remember the last time that Carla told him that. 

Hap and Billy head to their lunch. Hap discovers that altogether he's lost $850K on the oil scam. The insurance agent, Bobby, insists on the cost, so Hap buys Bobby's company. He reminds Bobby that he is now his boss, and they need to figure out another way. 

Hap offers to let Billy in on another real estate venture. A piece that will be increase in value tenfold for $500K. Billy needs to make a decision.

Wick calls Jules, as she shows houses to Cody, and invites her to family dinner.

The sheriff asks Carla if there are any disgruntled employees at the Briggs company. Carla brings up to the sheriff that Wick was just may be worth looking into. 

Wick and Gary are trying to sell their stolen oil, but the buyer refuses to buy. He tells them that the price to catch them is worth more than they would make on the oil. Wick agrees to take their business elsewhere. Gary is getting nervous, because Hap is on a hunt for them, and the oil. 

AJ and Lacey go dress shopping for the family dinner. Lacey buys a red dress. When she asks AJ what he thinks of it, he tells her that Carla will hate it. Good.

Cody is excited to show Billy the house that she bought from Jules. Billy is upset because he just spent their money on this deal with Hap. They can't pay for both. Cody wants Billy to give up his deal with Hap, and Billy wants Cody to get her money back from Jules. Billy holds off the argument, and tells Cody that they need to go to dinner at the Briggs home.

The sheriff arrives at Wick's home to question him about his whereabouts the night of the stolen oil. Wick gives him his cover story, and gets emotional asking him to find the guy who did it. 

Billy and Cody arrive at the Briggs family dinner. Wick is not happy to see them. He and Billy exchange words about the times they worked together pushing mud. 

Jules arrives, and Wick announces that she is his girlfriend, something which is news to her, as well. 

Lacey comes down wearing a bright red dress, and not the black, muted tone dress which Carla laid out for her to wear. Carla is annoyed and displeased. 

Carla announces that they are working on finding the men who stole from Hap. Wick hopes that they catch the guy and make them hang...Carla pointedly looks at him, and promises that they will. Wick looks nervous.

Cody pulls Jules aside and tells her that she and Billy can no longer buy the house because of his deal with Hap. Everyone can't seem to get enough of Hap.

Hap approaches Wick, and puts a hand on his shoulder, the one which is burned. Wick winces. Hap asks how he hurt himself, suspicious. He says he hurt it during their fight in the rain, and walks away.

AJ is leaving when Lacey sees him. She talks to him about how much the house has changed, and that Carla makes it cold. Hap and Wick are fighting, and everything feels cold. He assures her that she'll find a way to make it warm again. She kisses AJ, as Carla looks on from afar. 

At dinner, Hap makes a toast about survival, and how lucky he realizes he is to be surrounded by people he cares about and who care for him. They're all lucky. He toasts to love, friends, family, and oil, by God. 

Hap asks is Cody is aware of the new deal. Billy changes his mind about the deal, and ultimately decides that he needs to provide a home for his family first and foremost. Hap thinks Billy is making a mistake, but Billy insists that upsetting Cody would be a bigger one.

After dinner, Hap point blank asks Wick where he was the night of the rig explosion. Wick fumbles through another explanation when the sheriff arrives at the home. He thinks that he has found the thief, dead. It's the man from earlier, the man who refused to buy the oil from Wick. 

Wick thinks that it's over...the sheriff reminds him that it's not. Now he has a murder to solve. 

Wick goes to see Gary. Gary killed the man before he could sell them out for a reward. Wick tears up. He realizes that he is in way over his head.

Lonnegan comes to Billy and Cody's house, very angry. He just found out that Billy flipped the land he sold them to Hap. The reason he sold him that land was to keep Briggs out of his business. He warns Billy that he's in bed with the devil now. 

Jules has a knock at her door. It's Hap. It seems that they had an affair, and Hap believes that she is using Wick to hurt him. He tells her to stay away from Wick. He means it.

AJ takes a series of photos of Hap leaving Jules's apartment. 

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I love you, pop. I'm really sorry for all the messed up stuff between you and I.


I survived the eighties. I can survive this.