When you watch Blood and Oil Season 1 Episode 1 online, you'll meet a young couple, ready to get rich. Are they ready to take on an oil tycoon to do it?

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When you watch Blood and Oil Season 1 Episode 1 online, you'll meet Billy and Cody Lefever, and follow them on their journey to get rich to support their new family. Having lost all of their freinds and familiy's money for a laundromat, they decide to play in the oil game in Rock Springs, North Dakota, a town run by the Briggs family. They quickly find that things aren't quite as easy as they'd hoped as Billy struggles to find work, and gets off on the wrong foot with Wick Briggs, the heir to the Briggs family fortune. Through a series of events, Billy borrows enough money to secure a property that the Briggs family, led by oil tycoon Hap, is looking to purchase in order to make themselves millions of dollars. Seizing an opportunity, they purchase the land, and make a deal with Hap to become partners. Hap's son Wick is an arrogant jerk, who becomes angry when his father cuts him off finanacially and kicks him out of the house. His plan to make money on his own includes siphoning oil from his father. When all of the players converge one night in an oil field, sparks fly.

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On Blood and Oil Season 1 Episode 1, we meet a young couple who want to get rich and make their dreams come true, but find that the cost may be higher than they expect.

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Blood and Oil
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