Kidnapped  - On My Block Season 3 Episode 1
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  • Cuchillos the leader of the Santos kidnapped the kids. She knows they found the Roller world money and are behind taking down the prophets. She wants to use their services.
  • She wants them to find out where Lil Ricky is.
  • She suspects he's still alive and wants him to make it to Hood Day to see how far the Santos have come on their anniversary.
  • She also claims he's the love of her life, and she wants him home- she puts the kids on a deadline to find him.
  • They are all scared but monse wants to get out of town. Her scholarship program falls through so she wants to go on the road with her dad.
  • But Cuchillos suspects what she wants to do, know the boys won't succeed without her, and threatens her father's life if she leaves town.
  • Monse goes to stay with Cesar becausee she's scared. They sleep together,  but they aren't together. Monse is still mad.
  • Jamal and Spooky dig up a grave to see if lil Ricky is dead. There is  no body in there only a gnome.
  • They go to speak to chivo but he's dodging them.They also realize that Hammel is dirty and works for cuchillo.
  • Jamal's father thinks he has an issue diggigin and swears to put him to work.
  • Ruby is worried because his parents are having financial issues that are tearing his parents marriage apart.
  • Jasmine pieces together theories of what they have been doing and threatens to expose them until Ruby does the Same because some of her evidence includes Cesar and monse having sex which is child porn.
  • Jamal sees a girl he thinks is is a prophet following him.Jasmine suspects monsexs dad is really pushing drugs.
  • A Santo arrives in Freeridge 
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