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In the past, The Knave hunts Alice because the Queen of Hearts has his heart so he must do her bidding. Alice steals the heart back and then Will gives her the White Rabbit as a way to get back to England and convince her father she's not crazy.

In the present, Jafar tells Will that if he wants Anastasia to live again, he needs to help him get his staff back so he can complete the spell to change magic. Will agrees and when Cyrus and Alice refuse to help, he tries to steal the staff from them.

When the Jabberwocky turns on Jafar, she works with Alice, Cyrus, and Will to turn the tables in the hopes she will gain her freedom. 

Working together, they free Jafar's father from his cell and he helps free Amara from the serpent staff. Amara and Jafar do battle but Jafar injures Cyrus who may die. He convinces Amara that the only way to save him is to go through with the plan to change magic. She agrees. 

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
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