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-Prince Charming sends Snow a note asking her to come to him before his wedding. She tries but is captured by the King. With the help of imprisoned dwarf Grumpy, Snow escapes and saves Grumpy's life.

-The King forces Snow to tell James she doesn't love him or he will kill James. Snow complies and flees with the dwarves.

-When Grumpy hears that the wedding has been called off he tells Snow but she's taken a magic potion given to her by Rumplestiltskin and she no longer remembers her heartache or the Prince.

-David and Mary Margaret still have feelings for one another but when she spies Katherine with a pregnancy test, Mary Margaret tries harder to stay away.

-Katherine isn't pregnant and David is relieved but agrees to go to counseling with her. But when he tries everything to avoid Mary Margaret but they still meet up getting coffee, he breaks down and kisses her as Regina watches from across the street.

-Emma confronts the new mystery man in town. He won't tell her who he is but opens his box. He's got an old typewriter inside. He's a writer but won't say any more.

Once Upon a Time
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