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-Dwarves are hatched from eggs. They don't fall in love. Their pick axes give them their names and they work in the mines, happily.

-Dreamy, a dwarf fell in love with a fairy, Nova. They decided to run off together. But Dreamy was told that his place was in the mine and if they ran off, Nova would lose her wings but if they didn't they could bring great joy to the world.

-Dreamy tells Nova they can't be together and he lets her go. When he returns to the mine his pick ax breaks and he gets a new one. It now says his name is Grumpy.

-In Storybrooke, Mary Margaret sells candles as a fundraiser for the nuns for Miners Day but no one will help her.

-Leroy (aka Grumpy) meets Astrid, a nun. She accidentally over spent for Miners Day and now the nuns can't make their rent and Mr. Gold will evict them. Leroy tries to help.

-When no one will buy candles, Leroy takes a pick ax and destroys a transformer, putting the whole town in darkness. They sell every candle and save the nuns.

-Kathryn is missing and her car is found at the end of town. Sidney helps get her phone records for Emma. It shows an eight minute phone call between David and Kathryn the day she died even though David swears they never spoke.

-With pressure from Regina, Emma has to bring David in to the Sheriff's office for questioning.

Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Quite a team we'd make. Town harlot, town drunk.


Regina: You don't know what insubordination means do you?
Henry: Shrugs
Regina: It means you're grounded.