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-Snow White no longer remembers her love for Charming and has seemingly lost her power to love. She's angry at everyone and decides to kill the Evil Queen.

-When Charming can't find Snow, he goes to Rumplestiltskin. Rumple wants his cloak in exchange for her location. Charming agrees.

-Grumpy and Charming try to stop her but even Charming's kiss has no effect. Since Snow doesn't remember her love, love's true kiss has no power.

-When Snow tries to kill the queen with an arrow, Charming jumps in front of it. She's shocked that he's willing to die for her and begins to remember their love. He kisses her and she remembers all. 

-Just then the King's men capture Charming and leave Snow behind. She swears she will find him. The dwarves promise to help her.

-Rumplestiltskin makes a potion out of strands of both Charming and Snow's hair. He says if you can bottle love you can do anything. Is that what he's doing?

-In Storybrook, the testing on the heart proves it is Katherine's Emma finds the knife hidden in their apartment.  Mary Margaret is arrested. She hires Mr. Gold as her lawyer.

-Henry shows Emma that Regina has a key to their apartment and could have set up Mary Margaret. Emma goes to Mr. Gold for help.

-Under hypnosis with Archie, David has memories of Snow White threatening to kill the Queen and misinterprets it as Mary Margaret threatening to kill Kathryn. He tells her and she is heartbroken that he doubts her innocence when she never doubted hers.

-Mary Margaret finds a key in her cell that opens the door and she escapes.

Once Upon a Time
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