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-Belle agrees to take care of Rumplestiltskin's home forever if he uses his power to save her village from war.

-Belle and Rumplestiltskin begin to care for one another. He lets her go to town where she runs into the Evil Queen who tells her the curse that turned Rumplestiltskin evil can be broken by the kiss of true love.

-When Belle kisses Rumplestiltskin and tells him she can break the curse, he becomes enraged that the Evil Queen is trying to steal his power and he banishes Belle.

-The Evil Queen tells Rumplestiltskin that Belle's father shunned her and locked her in a tower where she eventually jumped to her death. He is devastated and puts the tea cup she chipped in a place of honor in his home.

-When Mr. Gold repossess the truck of a man who hasn't paid his loan, the man then robs Mr. Gold's home. When Gold finds him he beats him with his cane. In the fairy tale world the man was Belle's father.

-Emma arrests Mr. Gold for assault.  Regina comes to speak with him.  She will give him the one item he couldn't find if he will tell her his real name.  He admits it is Rumplestiltskin and it becomes obvious they both remember their origins.  She then gives Mr. Gold his chipped tea cup.

-In the basement of a hospital, Regina visits a girl locked away who has never received a visitor. it s Belle.

-David accidentally gives Mary Margaret the Valentine's card he meant for Catherine. Mary Margaret calls off their affair.

Once Upon a Time
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