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-Rumplestiltskin kills the fairy godmother to claim her wand, then makes a deal with Cinderella. She unwittingly signs a contract that promises him her first born.

-In Storybrooke, Cinderella, now Ashley is pregnant and alone. Her Prince, now Sean has abandoned her per his father's wishes and Mr. Gold awaits her baby.

-Ashley breaks into Mr. Gold's and steals their contract but Mr. Gold hires Emma to find Ashley and return his merchandise or he'll have to turn her over to the police.

-Ashley runs, gets into a car accident and goes into labor. Emma finds her and gets her to the hospital. She then makes a deal with Mr. Gold. She'll owe him a favor if he leaves the baby alone. 

-Sean and Ashley get back together to raise their little girl, Alexandra.

-Henry disobeys his mother and spends the day with Emma while Regina says she has a council meeting but she's really sleeping with the Sheriff.

Once Upon a Time
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