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-The curse is broken as a purple mist rolls through Storybrooke, bringing back magic. Everyone remembers their fairy tale roots.

-Snow White and Charming can't wait to talk about their new relationship with Emma but she's overwhelmed and begs off.  

-The town tries to kill Regina once they know she's the cause of the curse but Charming, Snow and Emma stop them. Henry begs them not to kill his Mom.

-When Belle begs Rumplestiltskin not to kill Regina, he sends a soul sucker after her.  Emma, Snow, and Charming try to stop it by using Jefferson's magic hat.  Instead of sending the soul sucker back to fairy tale land, Emma and Snow are taken back with him.

-In the fairy tale world, Mulan helps Prince Phillip rescue Sleeping Beauty but the soul sucker then steals his soul.  When Emma and Snow show up unconscious, Mulan believes they are to blame.

-A man in another city receives a postcard from a pigeon. The postcard is from Storybrooke and it says one word, "Broken."

Once Upon a Time
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