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-When a young Baelfire falls through the portal, he ends up in 19th century London, England where he ends up a starving orphan who meets Wendy Darling. 


-The Darlings take Bae in. A magical shadow comes and takes Wendy to Neverland where there are no adults but the children cry all night for their parents. The shadow lets Wendy go but wants one of her brothers.


-Bae goes instead but escapes just before they reach Neverland by jumping into the sea. Captain Hook fishes him out and brings him aboard the Jolly Roger.


-Tamara steals the magic beans from Regina's office. Owen tortures Regina for the whereabouts of his father.  When it looks like he's going to kill her she tells him she killed his right after he ran from Storybrooke and buried him at their campsite. 


-Mary Margaret uses one of Mr. Gold's spells to see and experience what Regina is going through. Emma figures out she's being held at the Cannery. Mary Margaret and David save Regina. Owen escapes.


-Tamara tries to stop Emma and Neal. She knocks Emma out and tells Neal their entire relationship was a lie.  Then she shoots him. She's about to kill him when Emma wakes up and the two fight. Tamara uses a magic bean to open a portal.


-As Emma and Neal dangle over the portal they declare their love for one another. Then Neal lets go saving Emma so that Henry has at least one parent.  Tamara escapes.


-In the woods, Owen finds a skeleton buried at the campsite and assumes it is his father.  Tamara has the trigger that can destroy Storybrooke.

Once Upon a Time
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