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-Hook steals back his hook, hunts Rumplestiltskin down in New York and stabs him.  Emma stops him and locks him in a storage locker. 


-Rumple's wound has magical poison. Neal says he can sail Hook's pirate ship to bring his father, Emma, and Henry back to Storybrooke where they can find help.  Before they leave, Neal introduces Emma to his fiance.


-We learn that in Fairy Tale past, Cora poisoned Snow's mother and then tricked Snow into thinking she could save her if she took another's life. Young Snow couldn't do it. 


-Snow and Charming find Rumple's hidden dagger in the clock tower.  Regina and Cora follow. Regina rips the heart out of Johanna, Snow's former beloved servant and threaten to let her die. Snow hands over the dagger to Cora.


-Regina replaces Johanna's heart but Cora kills the woman anyway by throwing her through the tower window.


-Regina and Snow both realize that Cora arranged for everything from Snow's mother's death to their first meeting in order to make sure that Regina would become queen.

Once Upon a Time
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