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-Kurt Flynn and his son Owen are camping in the woods when the curse creates Storybrooke and end up as strangers in the town.


-Young Owen surprises Regina by being nice to her and she doesn't want him to leave. She has Sheriff Graham try to arrest Kurt so that she can keep Owen but Kurt overhears her plan and tries to make a run for it.


-At the Storybrooke border they capture Kurt but when a tearful Owen tells Regina he'll never be happy like this she lets him go, but keeps Kurt.


-In present day Storybrooke, Regina finds a curse that will make Henry think he loves her even if she kills Mary Margaret. When Rumple tells Emma and David they have to kill Regina to save Mary Margaret, Henry runs off.


-Henry tries to kill all magic by dropping dynamite down the magic well but Regina stops him. She won't promise him she won't seek vengeance but she does destroy the spell to make him love her.


-A desolate Mary Margaret goes to Regina and asks her to end this and kill her. Regina takes her heart. She sees a black mark in the center and laughs. Mary Margaret has blackened her own heart and it will only grow with time. 


-Regina puts her hear back telling Mary Margaret it is only a matter of time before she destroys her own family.


-Greg, the stranger from the hospital is roaming Storybrooke taking pictures of all the magical occurrences. He is really Owen, all grown up and still searching for his father.

Once Upon a Time
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