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-Ariel reaches Storybrooke and with the help of the tea cup, she and Belle track down Pandora's Box for Rumpelstiltskin but two young men try to steal it for Peter Pan.

-The men are Wendy Darling's brothers. Pan is holding her hostage in a cage not he island. Belle manages to get the box back and sends it back to Neverland with Ariel.

-Peter Pan convinces Henry that Wendy is sick and only Henry's ability to save magic can save her. He brings Henry to Skull rock to begin their journey.

-Snow White is furious that Charming didn't tell her about his poisoning but swears she'll stay with him on Neverland if he can't leave.

-Hook and Neal are jealous of one another over Emma. Hook tells her he plans to win her without trickery. Emma tells them both that she has room for only one love in her life right now and that's Henry. Her only priority is to get him back.

Once Upon a Time
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