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Cora abandons Zelena as a baby and a storm carries her to Oz. Her adopted mother dies and her adoptive father tells her he never wanted her and always believed she was wicked.

Zelena travels to the fairy tale land to get Rumpelstiltskin to teach her magic instead of half-sister Regina. She grows jealous when Rumpel refuses to stop teaching Regina and tries to kill her. Rumpelstiltskin says she's failed his test but she leaves to ask the Wizard to send her back in time so her mother will have never abandon her. 

Zelena finds that the Wizard is actually Walsh, a carnie from Kansas and she turns him into her flying monkey. She turns green with envy when she sees Regina learning the magic that should be hers.

In Storybrooke, Zelena tells Regina they are sisters and wants a showdown at sunset. Regina finds a letter from Rumpelstiltskin to Cora that says that Zelena is more powerful.

Zelena tries to take Regina's heart but Regina has hidden it. She's given it to Robin Hood for safe keeping.

Hook takes Henry for the day to share some memories of this father after Storybrooke buries Neal. 

Once Upon a Time
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