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-Peter Pan gives Emma a magical map to find Henry but it will only show the way when she admits to who she really is. 


-It takes quite a while to figure that out. In her heart, Emma believes she's an orphan who could never really matter. Upon this revelation the map shows the way.


-Pan tells her that when she finds Henry, he won't want her and that she will also soon be an orphan once again.


-Charming is injured by deadly thorns but tells no one.


-Rumpel's doll from his past keeps popping up even after he throws it off a cliff and burns it. 


-Rumpelstiltskin magical separates from his shadow and has it hide the dagger in a place where even he won't find it.  He also mysteriously conjures an image of Belle to ask advice.


-In the Fairy Tale Past, Charming uses Rumpel's magic to trick Snow into believing she can beat the Evil Queen in the fight for the kingdom. 

Once Upon a Time
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