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In New York City, Emma's boyfriend Walsh proposes marriage. She says she needs to think about it.

After having Hook arrested, he eventually convinces her to take a potion which restores her memory. Once she remembers, he tells her that another curse has returned her family to Storybrooke and they need her. 

Emma breaks thinks off with Walsh only to have him turn into an evil flying monkey who tries to kill her. Emma fights him off, then heads off to Storybrooke with Hook and Henry, only there was only enough potion for one so Henry has no memory of his past. Emma only tells him they're working on a case.

A year ago, everyone was returned to the Enchanted Forest where Regina and Snow bond over the loss of their children and work together to regain the kingdom. They run into Robin Hood who offers his help.

They can't reach Regina's castle due to a protection spell but they don't know who has cast it. 

The wicked witch has an evil flying monkey attack Regina and he gets a drop of her blood for a potion. It looks as though she has taken over Regina's castle. 

Once Upon a Time
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