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-Mermaids try to capsize the Jolly Roger. When Regina captures one, she and Snow battle over whether to let her go. Emma has to jump overboard to get everyone attention back to saving Henry.


-Rumpelstiltskin leaves the ship to save Henry on his own. Where he finds Greg already dead and he crushes a wounded Tamara's heart. 


-Henry tries to run from the Lost Boys with the help of a friend. Henry shows him how to use the pixie dust to fly away from their captures, only to find out his new friend is Peter Pan. Pan wants Henry because he has the heart of the truest believer.


-The rest of the Jolly Roger crew reach Neverland and are determined to find Henry, even if it means working together.


-Neal ends up in the Enchanted Forest with Mulan, Aurora, and Prince Philip. He makes his way to his father's castle where he encounters Robin Hood. Using magic that Rumpelstiltskin has left behind, Neal realizes that Emma is in Neverland. 


Once Upon a Time
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