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A year ago in the Enchanted Forest, Regina and Robin Hood break into the castle to break the protection spell. Regina considers taking her own sleeping curse. Then she finds out that the Wicked Witch is her half sister who is out to get her and she decides to fight.

In Storybrooke, no one remembers the last year but anyone who goes near the town border disappears. Little Jon is almost taken by a flying monkey and later turns into one.

Regina and Emma join together to try and figure out who set up this curse.

Mary Margaret befriends a newcomer to Storybrooke not knowing the woman is really the Wicked Witch.

The Wicked Witch is holding Rumpelstiltskin prisoner. Somehow she was able to bring him back. 

Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Regina: I think we know exactly who's taking up residence in our castle. The Wicked Witch.
Grumpy: Are we talking east or west?

Snow: You're thinking about Henry aren't you.
Regina: I'm always thinking about Henry.