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In Arendelle 5 years earlier, Elsa and Anna uncover a journal in which their mother wrote that the journey they were taking was to Mist Haven and it was to find answers concerning Elsa's powers. Their ship sank during a storm and they never made it back.

Before Anna marries Kristoff, she leaves for Mist Haven to get answers. When she doesn' t return, Elsa heads off to find her and ends up in Storybrooke. Terrified, she conjures up a Snow Monster to keep the residents away.

Regina uses her magic to save Marian from the Snow Monster. She brings back her magic mirror to try and figure out how to get rid of Marian. Later she decides that the only way she (a villain) can ever get her happy ending is if she finds the writer of the magic book and change what's written inside.

Rumplestiltskin is moved by Neal's death and secretly replaces the fake dagger Belle has with the real one. Later the two share a romantic dance in an empty mansion. 

Emma feels guilty about ruining Regina's happy ending. She stalls her personal relationship with Hook because of the crisis. Hook points out that there is always a crisis and she needs to learn how to have a life during them or else her life will pass her by. 


Once Upon a Time
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