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In the fairy tale land of the past Snow and Charming touch a unicorn’s horn to see their unborn child’s future. Charming sees a beautiful baby and wonderful future. Snow sees an evil young woman who turns her heart to dust. 

Maleficent turned into a dragon and laid and egg in a cave and scorched the earth around it. A peddler sends Snow and Charming to an old man on their journey. He has information about their child. It’s the Sorcerer’s Apprentice and he tells them can banish the darkness from their unborn child but they will have to put that darkness into another empty vessel. 

Despite Maleficent begging them to spare her child, Snow and Charming steal her egg. They promise to bring it back. The spell puts darkness into the egg and then unbeknownst to the Charmings, it is sent to another realm along with Ursula and Cruella. Just before it is transported, they see that the egg contains a baby, not a dragon. 

Regina decides to send Gold, Cruella and Maleficent on a wild goose chase by showing them a picture of the door and letting them look for a real door while Emma and Henry try to figure out how to open the one in the book. Unfortunately a glare on the photo tells Gold that the door is magic and it’s in the illustration. 

Maleficent puts Storybrooke under a sleeping spell in order to get the page from the book but in return she wants Gold to tell her what happened to her child. Snow, Charming and Henry are immune to the sleeping curse because they’ve already been under one. Henry runs off with the book to keep it safe and ends up finding the key. Later, when the villains arrive, he gives them a fake page but Gold later figures it out. 

Gold has Maleficent render Regina unconscious. He says he has something that will make Regina do his bidding. 

Gold visits a sleeping Belle and tells her that something is changing that might keep him from returning to her. 

David and Mary Margaret take the real book and the key from Henry. They plan to burn the page but Mary Margaret realizes that they need to do what’s right, not what’s easy and they tell Emma the whole truth. Shocked and upset, Emma flees, feeling she can no longer trust her parents.

August awakens and tells Emma, Charming and Snow that there have been many authors throughout history but the one in the book was locked in it because he decided not to record history but to change it to fit his own whims. Emma opens the door and out comes the peddler whom Snow and Charming ran into on the road int he fairy tale world. He flees and Emma can’t catch him.

Gold shows Maleficent that she had a baby girl who was named Lilith and that she was sent to this world 30 years ago. 


Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Cruella de Vil: Oh, at last. I feel like I've aged a decade waiting for you.
Regina: Well, you certainly look like it.

You can't just unsavior the savior.