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Hook and Belle attempt to figure out how to release the fairies from the Sorcerer’s hat. Belle gets an email from an Oxford professor who helps her translate an ancient spell to release the fairies. Little does she realize that the “professor” is actually Rumpelstiltskin.

The spell works and the fairies are released but so is a hell beast.  Ursula calls Regina using Rumpel’s cell phone. Per Rumpel’s plan, she tells Regina that she stole the phone after Rumpel told her about a place where villains can be redeemed and find their happy ending and she and Cruella de Vil want in. In order to earn their entrance they tell Regina how to get rid of the hell beast. 

Ursula says the beast is after the heart with the most potential for darkness. Believing he’s after Regina, she and Emma lure the beast to the town line. When he flies over into a world without magic, he disintegrates to dust. Regina and Emma give the women Elsa’s scroll and they are able to enter Storybook. They later return to the town line with the scroll and allow Rumpelstiltskin to enter. He plans to find the author of the book to give them all their happy endings but he says they need to bring Maleficent back to do it. 

Rumple also says that hell beast wasn’t after Regina at all. It was after Emma Swann. 

Mary Margaret and David secretly meet up with Ursula and Cruella. Mary Margaret tells them that no one must ever know what happened between them in the enchanted forest or they won’t have to worry about the Evil Queen because she’ll rip out their hearts herself. 

In New York, Cruella Fineberg (aka Cruella de Vil) has her fortune taken by the government. Mr. Gold offers to get it all back for her.  

Once Upon a Time
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