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In the Enchanted Forest of the past, Regina grows impatient with Rumpelstiltskin’s teachings and tracks down Maleficent to learn magic from her. She finds Maleficent has lost her fire, but vows to help her get it back. When King Stefan shows up to kill Maleficent and Regina who is with her, Maleficent’s dragon comes out to fight once again. 

Maleficent puts Aurora under the sleeping curse to get her revenge against King Stefan and his wife, Briar Rose. Regina goes back home and puts Snow White’s horse under the same sleeping curse, then goes back to Rumpel’s teachings. 

In Storybrooke, Regina tries to convince the Queens of Darkness that she’s still just as bad as they are, or even worse. They want Regina to steal Pinnochio so that they can question him and get information about the author. 

Emma is upset that David and Mary Margaret hid the fact that Regina was going undercover until she couldn’t stop it. She feels as though her superpower that tells her when people are lying has gone haywire because she feels as though the people closest to her are lying. 

Emma tries to follow Regina while she’s undercover but Regina ditches her phone so that Emma can’t follow. 

Henry works with Belle to find the author. Belle worries that Rumpel has returned to Storybooke. She tries to summon him using the dagger but he doesn’t show. She gives the dagger to Hook to hide it but Hook is really Rumpel in disguise. Now he has the dagger back in his possession. 

Regina brings Pinnochio to the evil trio and finds that Rumpel is with them. Rumpel uses the dagger to turn Pinnochio back into August so that they can get information about the author from him. 


Once Upon a Time
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