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When Elsa takes down the ice wall around Storybrooke, Emma realizes there's still a curse on the town line. Anyone who crosses over enters a world without magic and can never come back.

Rumpel wants Anna out of Storybrooke because she knows his secret about the Sorcerer's hat so he has Hook tell them that the portal back to Arendelle is in the Sorcerer's mansion. Just before Anna leaves, David tells her that Mr. Gold is really Rumpelstiltskin and she tells them of her connection.

Regina gives Marian her heart back and with the ice spell broken, she awakens. Marian tells Regina she doesn't want Robin with her because he feels obligated so if he chooses Regina, she won't stand in their way. Robin does choose Regina but when the ice spell's effect continue to harm Marian, the only way to stop it is for her to cross the town line into a world without magic.

Robin can't let Marian wander off into a world she doesn't know and their son needs them both so Robin, Roland, and Marian all cross over into the real world. Before he leaves, he kisses Regina one last time. 

A gauntlet that Belle finds in Gold's shop reminds her of of the past when she thought he had traded the gauntlet to save her life from Maleficient, Ursula, and Cruella de Ville. The gauntlet leads you to someone's true weakness which Gold has told her is generally the thing someone loves the most. 

Using the gauntlet to uncover Rumpel's one true weakness, it leads her to the real dagger. Just as Rumpel is using the Sorcerer's hat to detach his powers from the dagger and then crush Hook's heart, Emma and Mary Margaret rush in but they can't stop him but Belle can. She uses the dagger to order Rumpel to give Hook back his heart, then she takes them both to the town line.

Belle thought that she was what he loved the most but know she sees that his one true love will always be power and that he's never changed. She sends him over the town line and into the real world where he will have to survive without magic and he won't be able to return. 

In New York City, Rumpel tracks down Ursula who is working as a fish feeder at the Aquarium. He wants to gather the queens of darkness to change the rules of the game so that the villains can finally win. 


Once Upon a Time
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