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In the past, Ursula’s mother was killed by a pirate so her father, Poseidon deemed that Ursula could only use her singing voice bring human’s to their doom. Hook offers her safe passage to the land her mother loved but Poseidon threatens Hook and has him help take away her voice. 

When Poseidon comes after Hook, he becomes angry and uses the magic seashell to steal Ursula’s voice to get back at him. To get back at her father, she turns into the sea witch. 

Regina gets word to the Charmings that Hook is back. Belle realizes that she actually gave the dagger to the Dark One. Hook tells Ursula he’ll give her back her happy ending if she tells him Gold’s plan. He needs the Jolly Roger back but it’s still in the Fairy Tale world. She gets it back but it’s now a miniature ship in a bottle. Will Scarlett helps Hook find the proper magic to bring it back to normal size in the harbor. 

Hook tries to give Ursula her singing voice back but the magic won’t work because it’s her father’s magic and he isn’t there. When she refuses to tell Hook of Gold’s plan he pulls a gun on her but she easily takes it with her tentacles and tosses him overboard where Ariel saves him. 

Gold uses fairy magic to make August’s nose grow every time he lies. He tells them that the author was trapped behind a door by the Sorcerer and that Regina found the picture of it. She says she gave it to Henry. Gold takes her to the Sorcerer’s mansion to search for the door but it isn’t there. 

Emma, Charming and Mary Margaret try to rescue August but Ursula stops them. Then Hook with Ariel’s help brings Poseidon back and helps restore her voice. Poseidon and Ursula leave Storybrooe as she seemingly has gotten her happy ending. 

Before leaving, Ursula tells Hook that the author can’t give everyone their happy endings because he was responsible for the happy endings in the fairy tale world, not Storybrooke. That’s the Savior’s doing. Hook plans to turn Emma’s heart to darkness in order to ruin the heroes’ happy endings. 

August later tells Regina, Henry and Emma that the picture of the door is the actual door. The author is trapped in his own book. 

Once Upon a Time
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