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In Arendelle of the past, Ingrid tricks Anna and puts her back in the dungeon. She casts the Spell of Shattered Sight over Anna, making her see only the worst in those she loves.

When Anna turns on her, Ingrid wants Elsa to freeze Anna before she puts her in the urn. Elsa refuses and end up in the urn. Anna wakes from the spell and doesn't know what happened. Ingrid is furious. Kristoff tries to help but Ingrid freezes them both and leaves with Elsa in the urn. 

Rumpelstiltskin steals the urn from Ingrid. He wants the Sorcerer's hat. He'll trade it for the urn. 

Regina makes David and Mary Margaret see that taking away Emma's powers isn't the right thing to do. It's who she is. It's what makes her special. 

Regina confides in Mary Margaret about her and Robin. Mary Margaret gives her hope. If Regina stays the course and makes good choices her happiness will come. 

Will Scarlett and Robin Hood find a page from the book. It's how Regina and Robin were suppose to meet in the pub, proving that there is hope for a different ending.

Emma meets Mr. Gold at he and Belle's honeymoon mansion. Gold envokes the Socerer's hat. 

Hook tries to get in the house to stop Emma but Gold stops him and tells him he took her phone with the voicemail. She never heard it. 

Elsa finds Emma and tells her that since Emma didn't give up on her when her freezing power was out of control, Elsa won't give up on her.  She says it's not only love of another that can save them. They have to love themselves and embrace their own powers. With Elsa's help, she controls her magic. 

But the Snow Queen magically puts her sisters' ribbons on Elsa and Emma's wrists. They can't get them off and they feel like the ribbons are draining their magic. Now that all three have embraced their power, the ribbons funnel it to the Snow Queen who can use it to cast her spell over Storybrooke.

Gold tells Hook he needs the heart of someone who knew him before he became the Dark One so he takes Hook's heart. He plans to make Hook do his bidding and get the magic for the hat...and then he'll kill him. 


Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

We're not talking about an old pair of Jimmy Choos here. Tell me you're joking.


The Snow Queen: I am trying to protect you and that is the truth.
Emma: I don't care and that is the truth.