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In the past, Cruella is kept locked up in the attic by her mother who trains Dalmations to keep the girl from escaping. Years later, the author helps her escape and they spend a night dancing. Cruellla tells him that her mother killed her father and her other two husbands. 

The author gives Cruella the ability to control animals. She says she has to confront her mother and then she’ll meet the author so they can run away together. Instead her mother comes to his door. She claims that Cruella is the one who killed her own father and her step-fathers. That’s when the author realizes that the quill is missing. Cruella uses her new power to have the dogs kill her mother. Then she kills the dogs and turns them into a coat. 

The author steals the quill back from Cruella and writes that Cruella can never take the life of another. 

Back in Storybrooke, Belle calls for Rumpel. He meets her at the well and tells her that he’s in Storybook because his heart is turning dark. Once it’s completely dark, he’ll lost the ability to love forever. Only the author can help. Then Rumpel realizes that Regina has taken Belle’s heart. She’s headed to NYC and if he contacts Zelena, she’ll crush Belle’s heart. She also makes sure Belle will remember nothing of their conversation.

Cruella abducts Henry and tells Regina and Emma that she’ll kill him if they don’t kill the author.  When David and Mary Margaret find the author he says that the story ends with the savior turning dark. 

Emma finds Cruella holding a gun to Henry’s head next to a cliff. Cruella scoffs at Emma because heroes don’t kill. Emma uses her magic to throw Cruella off the cliff to her death. 


Once Upon a Time
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