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In the past, Anna meets with Rumpelstiltskin to look for answers about her parents. She makes a deal with him. She must pour a mysterious vile of liquid into the Sorcerer's Apprentice's tea. She doesn't and it turns out it was an anecdote. The apprentice turns into a rat. 

Because Anna signed a contract with Rumpel, she will be locked away in a tower for not fulfililing her end of the deal. The only way out is to kill him. She tries but can't go through with it. Her tears, of someone who has faced their inner darkness but turned away, are what Rumpel was really after. Rumpel tells her that her parents were looking for the Sorcerer's box so that it would take away Elsa's powers.

The Sorcerer's hat steals magical powers. Anna gets ahold of the dagger and orders Rumpel to turn the Apprentice back into a man, send her and the magical sorcerer's box back to Arendale and that Rumpel can never hurt her or Elsa. Before she leaves,  

Back in Storybrooke, Emma asks Hook out on a date. He says yes but he wants to plan it. He goes to Mr. Gold and asks for his hand back. Gold says he can do it but it retains parts of Hook's old self, the cunning, selfish pirate. Hook doesn't believe him and has the hand magically reattached anyway.

During the date, Will Scarlett knocks a glass of wine on Emma. Hook overreats. He realizes that Mr. Gold was right. He later beats up Will when he finds him trying to break into the library. The hand is changing him. Unfortunately only Mr. Gold's magic can take the hand back off and he'll only do it if Hook makes a deal. 

Gold makes Hook help him find the Apprentice in Storybrooke and restrain him. Then Gold has the Sorcerer's hat take the Apprentice and all of his powers. Later Gold gives Hook his hook back but afterwards tells him the hand held no power. It was ll in his mind. That he'd been tricked and now Gold had a recording of Hook helping him with the Apprentice. If Hook doesn't help him further and keep his mouth shut about having the real dagger, he'll show Emma the recording. 

The Snow Queen taunts Emma but Emma can't catch her. David figures out that the Snow Queen, aka Sara Fisher was not transported to Storybrooke through one of the curses, so they wonder how she got there.

Will Scarlett is arrested when he's found unconscious in the library. He's holding a book and a picture of the Red Queen. 

Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Emma: I know how to plan a date.
Hook: You know how to chase a monster. I know how to plan an evening out.

I should have known you'd be old fashioned given your age. What are you like 300?