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The gardner (aka Dr. Jeckyl) breaks the heroes out of jail but says that the warden (Mr. Hyde) stole the magic wand. They find out they are in the world of Untold Stories. 

Regina finds Gold and tells him she’s willing to become the Evil Queen again to help him free Belle if it helps her free Zelena from the portal. Emma tries to steal the Olympian Crystal but Gold stops her and then tries to destroy Regina and Emma but Henry arrives and uses the chalice to stop him and destroy magic. 

The gardner makes a new potion but the guard turns him back into Mr. Hyde. The heroes have to run when they realize they can’t fight him. The potion finally separates Jeckyll from Hyde. Hyde tries to kill Jeckyll but Hook and the heroes come back and stop him. 

Henry is upset to find out that the rest of his family is now trapped in another world and they no longer have magic to help them. Gold says that there is one person who has magic. Regina goes with him to find that person, called the Dragon. 

The Dragon won’t help Gold because his soul is too dark but he sees a noble soul in Regina and will help her. Unfortunately he can’t open a portal to the land of Untold Stories but he tells Emma that if they want to find more magic, they have to believe. 

Henry believes that the fountain hold magic and throws a coin in to wish that they’re family will be reunited. He has everyone else do the same, including Regina who holds the Olympian Crystal, but they need more. Henry stands up on one of the stone lions outside the library and tells everyone they need to make a wish in the fountain and really believe. It’s enough to restore magic.

In the world of Untold Stories, coins begin falling from the sky. A portal opens, transporting the heroes and Jeckyll back to NYC.  But Hook jumps through the portal and tries to kill Hyde until he offers to help wake Belle from the sleeping curse. He wants to make a deal. 

Regina wishes she could be free of the Evil Queen. Snow presents her with Jeckyll’s potion to separate Regina from the Evil Queen but she’ll have to kill the Evil Queen the moment they are separated, before she regains her magic. 

Regina takes the potion and the two are separate. The Evil Queen mocks her, telling her she needs her but Regina takes the Evil Queen’s heart and crushes it, turning her to dust. 

Everyone makes it back to Storybrooke. Henry thinks that Violet has to go back to Camelot but it turns out her father is from Connecticut not Camelot and she can stay in this realm with Henry. 

Regina gives magic back to Storybooke, using the Olympian Crystal which disappears. Then Hyde appears in Storybrooke, announcing that he made a deal with Gold. He now owns Storybrooke and he’s brought all of the Untold Stories with him. 

Back in NYC, the Evil Queen appears to the Dragon. She says that Regina may have won the fight but the war has just begun. Then she takes the Dragon’s heart for herself. 

Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 23 Quotes

Emma: What are you doing? We need a plan.
Regina: I have one. I still have a fist. Gold, still has a nose.

Emma: My parents, Hook, and your sister were pulled through some kind of portal.
Regina: Again?