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Some time in the past, Red and Mulan were in Oz searching for Red’s pack when they run into Dorothy and Toto and Zelena. Zelena wants Dorothy’s slippers to get back to her daughter. Ruby admits to Mulan that she has feelings for Dorothy but she thinks Dorothy fears that she is a wolf. 

Red turns up in the Underworld looking for Zelena to find out what she did to Dorothy. Zelena admits that she put Dorothy under a sleeping curse. The only way she’ll wake up is with true love’s kiss and to their knowledge, Dorothy doesn’t have a true love. 

Zelena hands over the magic slippers to get Red back to Oz. They begin looking for Dorothy’s deceased Aunt Em in the Underworld because her kiss might wake Dorothy. They find her running the other diner in town. When Auntie Em tries to blow a kiss into a bottle for Dorothy, Hades turns her into water from the River of Lost Souls. 

Belle is upset that she sent Gaston into the River of Lost Souls to save Rumple. She goes to Zelena to ask for help. 

Hades orders the phone that allows souls to haunt their loved ones ripped out. Emma tells Snow and David that it’s time for them to go back home for baby Neal. In order to get out of the Underworld they need to use the magic slippers to get to Oz to help Dorothy and then head to Storybrooke. Unfortunately, only David can go because Snow’s name is on a tombstone. 

Killian realizes that Hades enchanted his hook. He can’t take a name off of a headstone but he can scratch one off to add another. David has him scratch off Snow’s name and put his so that she can get back to their son. 

Snow and Red head to Oz where Red kisses a sleeping Dorothy and wakes her from the curse. Later, Snow turns up in Henry’s book, back home in Storybooke with baby Neal. 

In the Underworld, Belle realizes that Hades can speed up her pregnancy the same way the Dark Swan did to Zelena. She gets the sleeping curse from Zelena but Rumple points out that he’s not going to become a good man in order to wake her. She says that her father’s kiss could wake her and tells Rumple to do anything he has to to wake her after he destroys the contract with Hades. Then she takes the curse and falls to sleep. 


Once Upon a Time
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