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Emma tries her best to get someone to take the sword out of the stone, but she realizes this is not going to be easy and sets out to find a hero to help her. She reels in Hook, but is shocked when he informs her that he did love her, but he doesn't love this version of her. She even turns into her former self for the date, but he has none of it. In the end, she takes Rumple out of his coma and makes him her hero. 

King Arthur is revealed to be a traitor after trying to help David. He tries to bring him into the kingdom, but Snow appears hesitant and her suspicions are confirmed when Lancelot shows up and exclaims that the king is not to be trusted. 

Regina has some choice words for Zelena as she threatens her over Robin, but Zelena acts as though she doesn't care about what she has to say. 

Arthur manages to talk his sidekick into swallowing poison and committing suicide in order to keep his cover undetected. Belle is shocked when the rose in the jar says Rumple has awoken, but when she returns home, he is nowehere to be found.

Once Upon a Time
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