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In the past, as a child Regina is hurt by using Cora’s magic wand and Cora needs Zelena’s help to save her. A young Zelena is abused by her father when Cora finds her. Turns out Zelena has wanted to help someone with her magic for so long that it comes easy to her. 

Young Zelena and Regina become friends. When Zelena is able to use blood magic to open Cora’s box, Regina realizes that they must be related. Cora sends Zelena away and makes both girls forget that they are sisters. 

Hades has a plan to restart his heart with true love’s kiss, leave the Underworld with Zelena and trap the heroes there forever. He puts all of the heroes’s names on tombstones. 

When Regina realizes that Zelena may be in love with Hades, she goes to Cora for help. Cora plans to work a drop of magic water to make Zelena forget Hades but Zelena catches on to her plan. Cora eventually admits that she erased their memories of one another years ago but that they loved one another. She admits that she was wrong and that family is connected until the end and sometimes even beyond. 

Cora says goodbye to her daughters and is able to cross over the magical bridge out of the Underworld, having finished her unfinished business. 

James confronts David for getting everything that should have been him. The fight and James knocks out David and takes his place amongst the heroes. James and Cruella team up to steal Zelena’s baby from Robin but David ends up throwing James into the River of Lost Souls during another fight. 

Regina encourages Zelena to go to Hades, perhaps her love can change him. On the way, Rumple stops Zelena. He’s angry that she gave Belle the sleeping curse. He introduces Zelena to Peter Pan, who abducts her. 


Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Do you think my sister and the rest of her terribly self righteous gaggle of do-gooder friends would want to share their home with Lord Death and the Wicked Witch?


Hades has been far too long down here to be changed by something as simple as love.