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Several years earlier in DunBroch, King Fergus asked for magic from a witch to ensure the future of his kingdom. He gets an enchanted helmet to bring him what he wants. 

Fergus brings Merida to the front to show her what war is like. He gives her a special bow and hires a soldier to teach her in the art of war. The soldier is Mulan. She promises to teach Merida to fight with honor. 

Merida watches the knight killer her father. What she doesn’t see is that the knight is Arthur. 

Years later, Zelena and Arthur head to DunBroch to find the magic helm to save Camelot. It’s magic convinces others to fight your battles for you. 

Merida is having her coronation when the witch shows back up. She wants to be paid for the magic she gave Fergus. She wants the helmet back or she will curse the entire kingdom to lives as bears. 

Fergus was wearing the helmet when he was killed. His killer, a mysterious knight has it. Merida goes looking for Mulan for help and finds she’s lost her sense of honor. The two run into Zelena and Arthur who are also looking for the helmet. Zelena steals Fergus’ bow from Merida to use it to make a locator spell. 

When she and Merida find a piece of cloth on an arrow, they determine it belonged to the knight who killed Fergus. Mulan takes it to the witch to help find out where the knight is now but is waylaid by a wolf. The wolf is really Ruby, aka Red. 

Ruby left Storybrooke because she was the only one of her kind there. She used a magic bean to get back to the Enchanted Forest but her pack was gone. She went to the witch for help and got turned into a guard dog. Ruby uses her sense of smell to track down the King’s killer. 

Ruby, Mulan, and Merida find Arthur and Zelena trying to get the helmet. Ruby says that Arthur is knight who killed Fergus. She can tell by his scent. But the helmet Fergus was wearing wasn’t enchanted. He threw it into the sea beforehand. Arthur says he’ll kill Merida to get the helmet for Camelot. 

Ruby uses sleeping powder to subdue Zelena while Merida fights Arthur. The men from the other tribes come to Merida’s aid. They agree that she is the best person to lead the kingdom. Zelena awakens and uses her magic to transport herself and Arthur back to Camelot.

At Merida’s coronation, the witch returns but Merida refuses to hand over the helmet because no one should be able to force someone into a battle they don’t believe in. The witch says it was all a test to make sure she could lead the kingdom into the future.

The witch gives her magical ale that will allow her to see any spirit. She uses it to see Fergus who tells her he’s proud of her. 

Ruby and Mulan go off together to find her pack.

Once Upon a Time
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