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Hook's brother showed up and the two brothers quickly made up for the lost time. Killian tries to get to the root cause of what happened between them, while Emma makes it clear she's skeptical of him, but Hook lets her know he doesn't believe her. 

When Liam threatens Emma, she realizes that he isn't who he says he is and sets out to find out more about him. 

Henry goes on a mission with Cruella to find the author again in order to write her a better ending, but things don't go to plan and Henry comes clean about his side quest to both his parents. 

David poses as his brother to get some information about what his brother is up to and Cruella falls for the whole charade. 

Rumple tries to help Emma, but she realizes she needs to take the next step herself. In the end Hades kills Liam and it allows him to cross over with the rest of the people from the ship. Later we find out that Hades has some sort of connection to Zelena and the pages Liam stole were about that. 

Rumple reels after what happened to the ball and what it could mean for Belle.

Once Upon a Time
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