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Six weeks earlier in Camelot, our heroes find out the Merlin has been cursed and is now a tree. Only the savior can save him. When the King asks who is the savior, Regina steps up and says it’s her as they don’t want anyone to know that Emma is now the Dark One. 

Regina doesn’t want to go to the ball, because she doesn’t know how to dance. Prince Charming teaches her but someone is magically watching and learns that Regina isn’t the savior. He recognizes her as the Evil Queen and tries to kill her. Prince Charming kills him but not before he stabs Robin who tried to save Regina. 

Regina can’t save Robin but Emma can. Regina doesn’t use the dagger to force Emma to help but asks her. Emma saves Robin but using magic again drives her closer to her dark side. 

At the ball, Henry becomes enamored with Violet who is bored because she goes to so many of these balls. 

Grumpy wants one of the dwarves to cross the town line to see how this new curse will affect them. Snow tries to stop them but Grumpy tells Dopey to do it. He does and at first he’s okay and then, he turns into a tree. 

Emma tells Regina that something is headed to Storybrooke that only a savior can save them from, and Regina isn’t a savior. Regina wonders if anyone believes she can be the person to save them. Robin tries to reassure her. 

King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, Violet and the knights arrive in Storybrooke having no idea how they got there. Excalibur is missing. While everyone gathers in the woods, a Fury, a demon sent from the underworld to collect the unpaid price of magic, appears and grabs Robin. Regina tries to fight it but it’s too strong even for her magic and it gets away with Robin. 

Belle says that the Fury will take a life to the underworld when the moon meets its zenith. The only way for Regina to save Robin is if the Fury takes another life in it’s place. Regina decides to let the Fury take her but Snow, Charming, Belle, and Grumpy all take hands to go with her. The Fury can’t take them all and leaves them behind. 

Hook tries to sway Emma with True Love’s kiss but is heartbroken when it doesn’t work. Belle tells him it’s harder to love a Dark One than hate one. Hook refuses to give up on Emma.

In her new home, Rumpelstiltskin shows Emma Excalibur in a stone in her basement. If she can pull it out, she can be done with all of the light from her friends and family and completely succumb to the darkness. When she tries to pull it out, she laughs. Rumpelstiltskin says it won’t be that easy and there is a price to paid first.  

Once Upon a Time
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