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Regina and Henry tell Emma and David about the book's final chapter. Once David goes back to sleep, Snow's more determined than ever to break their curse. Regina and Zelena attempt to remove the magic directly from their shared heart. But the Evil Queen planned for that, and it ends up making the curse worse. They have one more chance: finding pixie petals. The magic reunites true loves.

Snow and David have used the magic before. In a flashback, David woke up in the hospital with his memories intact. He was able to get through to Snow, too. They tracked down Rumple, who tried to convince them to forget everything. If not, Emma would never fulfill her destiny as the savior. Snow and David used the pixie petals to find Emma. They saw her as a little girl.

But they knew if they rescued her, everyone else they knew and loved would be cursed forever. So they agreed to take the potion to forget. They believed Emma would save them eventually.

Back in present day, Emma and Snow teamed up to find the pixie petals. But they were stopped by the Black Fairy, who had Gideon destroy them. Except he missed one. Emma planned to use it to reunite her parents. Rumple realized his mother had Gideon's heart. But he also pointed out to her that Gideon is fighting back. 

In Neverland, the Lost Boys chased Hook, who was rescued by Tiger Lily. She wanted Killian to do something for her. He was more concerned about getting back to Emma. But they realized their goals were the same once Killian explained he was in love with the savior. Tiger Lily wanted to get her a piece of a wand. The wand was what was used to send the Black Fairy to the far away realm in the first place.

When the Lost Boys cornered them, Killian sent his shadow to Emma with the wand. Snow gave Emma the pixie petal and told her to find Killian rather than use it to break their curse. Emma rescued Killian before the Lost Boys could kill him. He apologized, and proposed again. Promised to always be by her side. Emma accepted.

Regina had one last trick up her sleeve. She gathered all of Storybrooke in the loft, and suggested they all take the curse. Then, it would be deluded. Killian stepped up first. Regina, Emma, and Henry followed. Everyone else agreed as well. Snow and Charming woke up to find everyone else asleep. But the potion wore off quickly. Charming forgave Killian for killing his dad. Snow's convinced everyone together will be able to help Emma defeat the Black Fairy.


Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 17 Quotes

It's not like it's the first curse we've ever woken up from.


Tiger Lily: Lost Boys have gotten nasty since Pan died.
Killian: Tiger Lily.
Tiger Lily: Didn't expect to ever see you back on this rock.
Killian: Neither did I. This wasn't exactly what you'd called a planned excursion. I suppose thanks are in order for the daring rescue.
Tiger Lily: Right. About that. Who said this was a rescue?