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Belle thinks that she has discovered a way to stop Rumple for long enough that he can't use the shears of destiny on their son - squid ink.

Emma and Hook use the ink on Rumple, but it doesn't hold him for long.

Rumple and Belle have a serious talk about their son, and whether or not Rumple could earn his son's love without magic.

In flashbacks, it's revealed that Rumple once brought a baby home when Belle was his prisoner. She loved and cared for the baby, but it was all a trick to get her to lead Rumple to the Black Fairy, his mother.

The Black Fairy didn't answer Rumple's questions, only laughed at him. 

When their son is born in present-day, Belle asks the Blue Fairy to be his godmother, and that she take him far away where Rumple can't get to him. 

Emma's visions get more clear, as she sees the sword that stabs her - and she and Killian find it in Gold's pawn shop.

Jasmine and Snow formulate a plan to get her back to Agrabah using a wish from the genie in the lamp, but it when the lamp ends up genie-less, Aladdin steps in to help.

Once Upon a Time
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