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A flashback to the Enchanted Forest introduces Beowulf during the first ogre war. He's got the sword destined to kill Emma. He explains its infused with light magic. But it's not enough to stop the ogres. Rumple shows up and uses his Dark One powers to defeat them. Beowulf is not impressed, and insists the darkness will curse them all. Rumple promises Baelfire that he will not use dark magic anymore. 

But when Beowulf tries to best Rumple, it was Baelfire who stepped in. He picked up his father's dagger, and commanded him to kill Beowulf. He did. Then, he gave Bae a potion to forget the whole thing. He didn't want his son following his dark path. Baelfire assumed the worst about Rumple, and was angry at him for killing Beowulf, and ignoring his promise.

In the present, Rumple wanted to stop Gideon from following in his footsteps. He kidnapped his son, and tried to tell him why the darkness is the wrong choice on the path to being a hero. Gideon talked about his memories of the Black Fairy torturing children. Rumple attempted to give him the same memory potion. But he was prepared. He took Rumple's dagger, and commanded him to follow through on his promise to help him.

To fix the sword, he needed the blood of the Blue Fairy. Rumple stopped Gideon from taking it himself. He committed the act to protect him. Gideon returned the dagger. Rumple told Belle what happened, and she was happy he made the choice. His determination to protect their son gave her hope for their future. 

Killian met with Archie again. He wants to tell Emma the truth, but he doesn't know how. Archie gave him gentle encouragement. Killian returned home, and Emma had found the ring. She let him know her answer would be yes. Killian took the ring, got down on one knee, and proposed. Emma accepted.

Regina tried to apologize to Robin for putting pressure on him. He pretended to accept, and then proceeded to ask Zelena to skip town with him. The two took the baby to the town line, but Regina arrived to stop them. She insisted the spell wouldn't work, and it didn't. Zelena discovered the Evil Queen (in snake form) was missing from her cage. The snake bit Robin, and it allowed her to return to human form. She wants to cause trouble with him.


Once Upon a Time
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