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A flashback shows Rumple arriving to take one of the twins from Robert and Ruth. They flip a coin. James goes to live with Prince George, and David stays behind. Several years later, James has been abducted. Robert sets out to find his son, and promises David he's going to be a better man. He goes to see Rumple for help. He explains James ran away to a place filled with temptation. Rumple helps him in exchange for pieces of his hair, which he tosses aside after Robert leaves. He wants to see fathers and sons reunited.

In Storybrooke, David is worried about his family. He has a vision of his father. Killian tries to convince him to get some sleep, but David's not interested. After another vision where Robert urges him to find the truth, David tells Killian he wants justice, and he needs a pirate's help. Killian is hurt because he wants to marry Emma, and he told Archie he doesn't want David to see him as a pirate anymore. But he agrees to help the prince steal magic from Emma's collection.

When Emma shows up, she knows Killian's hiding something. He bends the truth, and tells her he went to see Archie because he wanted to process her almost dying. She's touched that he's sharing his feelings, and they kiss. She leaves and David and Killian work on the spell. Killian recognizes that Robert traveled to Pleasure Island. 

Robert encountered Pinocchio while he was there. David and Killian go see August. He admits those pages are included in the ones he tore from the book. He also tells David that his father was sober. David realizes George had him killed. He wants revenge. Killian attempts to stop him, but David handcuffs him to a bench. He finds George in his cell, and wants to duel to the death. Killian stops him. David attacks him, but finally admits that he's just worried he's not enough to keep his family safe.

Afterward, David makes peace with his father's death. He thanks Killian for being an upstanding man. He's not sure he can repay him. Kilian asks for permission to marry Emma. David is stunned, but eventually grants his permission. The two men head their separate ways. As Killian reaches his house, August arrives with the missing pages. Killian recognizes Robert. After the guards set him up to die in a staged accident, Killian and his men arrived, and killed the guards to steal the gold. Robert thanks him for saving him, but Killian kills him. Dead men tell no tales.

Snow is shocked when she learns Regina brought Robin back. She warns her that he's not the same man, but also suggests she tell him about his daughter. Zelena arrives to object to the plan. Robin runs away and attempts to kill the sheriff. Regina takes him to the vault and he sees her wall of hearts. They agree to try. But when Robin kisses her, Regina feels nothing. She tells Snow she made a mistake, but she still wants to know why he was allowed to come through the portal. As she wonders what he wants, Robin steals one of the hearts from her vault.


Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Regina: You're up.
Robin: Hard to sleep when that demon box keeps screaming at me [gestures to buzzing clock].
Regina: Oh. That's called an alarm clock.

Regina: You weren't there. He was miserable in his world. He wanted a fresh start and I'm just trying to help him.
Snow: But you don't know who he is! Looking like Robin Hood doesn't make him the same person. Trust me. I once kissed David's twin. World of difference.