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Many, many years ago, Malcolm and his wife Fiona await the birth of their son. Once he's born, and before they can choose a name, two fairies arrive, Blue, and Tiger Lily. Tiger Lily is the baby's fairy godmother and claims he has a destiny: he'll be the savior. Gifted with light magic, he's destined to destroy an enemy born the same winter, and marked with a crescent.

Fiona becomes obsessed with saving her baby. She tracks down every baby born after him, searching for the mark. Tiger Lily tries to get her to back off, promising she'll protect the baby, but Fiona doesn't trust her. She turns herself into a fairy, and begins plotting the Dark Curse. She wants to send her baby to the land without magic to keep him safe. 

In present day Storybrooke, the Black Fairy and Gideon disguise themselves as Snow and Charming, and intercept Blue when she wakes up. Blue tells them the other half of the wand is at the center of town. The Black Fairy kidnaps her, but Rumple prevents Gideon from leaving by slapping a magic cuff on him. While Snow, Charming, and Killian search for the wand, Rumple takes Emma and Gideon into the Dream Realm.

Once there, Gideon tells him that his mother is hiding a secret relating to why she gave him up. They go deeper into the realm and find the memory of her creating the Dark Curse. They learn that Rumple is the savior, and the Black Fairy is the one with the mark. She becomes evil after she rips out Tiger Lily's heart. Once they wake up, Emma tasks Rumple with stopping his mother.

Regina teaches Zelena to drive. Since she no longer has magic, Regina wants her sister to be able to take Robin and Henry to New York if something goes wrong during the battle. Zelena uses her newfound skills to hit the Black Fairy with the car, and stop her from killing Regina.

Killian asks Henry to be his best man. He also tells Emma that he will spend the night elsewhere because he can't see the bride before the wedding. He promises her that she'll never get rid of him after they're married.

Rumple confronts his mother. She shows him the rest of the memory, which includes the shears of destiny, and Blue using the wand to banish her. Rumple tells everyone he's defeated the Black Fairy. He returns Gideon's heart. Belle's proud of him. They're happy they can finally be a family. Except Rumple meets with his mother in secret. She's still planning on killing Emma.


Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 19 Quotes

Emma: You could have just told me that.
Rumple: Well the Saviors have the luxury of always doing the right thing. I do not.

Emma: So you're kidnapping me now.
Rumple: I'm doing what I have to do to save my son. And this place, even the Black Fairy cannot control it.
Emma: The Dream Realm, huh? I thought there'd be like flying pigs or talking doughnuts or something.
Rumple: Well if you're not impressed, I can leave you here while I find Gideon.