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In the Enchanted Forest, the little girl with the storybook finds her father's sword. Tiger Lily arrives to greet her. She doesn't know where the girl's father is, but promises she'll be reunited with him. She says the future is cloudy.

Fiona tells Henry that Emma burned the book and she's going back to Boston. Henry tries to convince Emma not to leave, but she's doing what she believes is best for him. She leaves Storybrooke and returns to Boston. Once there, she finds a hand drawn book Henry made for her showing her their story. 

Snow realizes something is wrong with Charming. She finds Killian, who has the bean. She tells him to get back to Emma. She finds Charming, and wakes him up with a kiss. At the castle, Killian brings the bean to Regina, but she doesn't have enough magic to make it work. She teams up with her other half, and it's still not strong enough.

Henry goes to Rumple for help. He realizes Rumple knows what's happening. Rumple only wants to find Belle. He gives Henry what he wanted: a magic mirror so Henry could get a message to the Enchanted Forest, and David's sword. Henry plans to fight Gideon on his own. As the Enchanted Forest collapses, the Evil Queen tries to hold it together so the others can escape. Emma returns to Storybrooke. She doesn't quite believe, but she wants to.

Rumple tracks down Belle. She's living alone and she's afraid to leave. He promises to make his mother pay. Fiona arrives to see Gideon. She still has his heart. She commands him to find the fairy wand, and to kill Emma. Rumple faces off with his mother. She offers him everything he's ever wanted, but he's not swayed. He kills her, which breaks the curse.

Emma's reunited with her family as Rumple and Belle search for Gideon's heart. Gideon and Emma start to battle. Rumple appears as the devil on his own shoulder. Rumple fights back. He doesn't want to let his family down again. Meanwhile, Emma lays down her weapon, and lets Gideon stab her. He disappears in a white light. Henry wakes Emma with True Love's Kiss. Rumple tells Belle he failed. But then they find Gideon. He's a baby again. 

Snow tells everyone hope will stay in their lives. Snow and Charming buy a house, the dwarves finally accept Regina, Rumple and Belle are together, Killian becomes Emma's sheriff's deputy, and everyone gathers for a family dinner at Granny's. 

Finally, we see the little girl again. She knocks on a man's door and asks him if he's Henry Mills. When he says yes, she tells him that she's Lucy, his daughter, and his family needs him.

Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 22 Quotes

Henry: She did it. You really don't believe.
Emma: There's nothing to believe.

Haven't I mentioned the consequences of Emma's lost belief? Your family isn't going to exist long enough to save themselves. Let alone your mother.

Black Fairy